consulting & investigations

A licensed attorney, Faith is a former federal agent with a background in financial crimes, fraud, narcotics trafficking and violent crimes. Faith received national recognition for the creation of innovative programs in crime prevention and risk reduction for use by the US Postal Service. An expert in threat assessment, workplace violence prevention and detection of internal controls failures, Faith helps organizations identify and minimize risk. Using a wraparound approach, Faith works across the traditional corporate silos, helping companies identify gaps between policy, process and workplace behavior. Faith supports client organizations in building sustainable, risk-based strategy that incorporates prevention into workplace culture. Her areas of focus include harassment and workplace violence prevention, domestic violence in the workplace, red flag behavior identification, risk-based termination and restructure planning, program and policy reviews, and privileged investigations for allegations of misconduct or criminal acts. Faith also teaches investigative process, threat assessment and report-writing as well as crime prevention topics relevant to the workplace.

Following her law enforcement career Faith joined the Compliance & Security team at Johnson Controls where she served as Director of Enterprise Security, North America. In that role, she assessed risk, developed, revised and integrated policies and programming. Her work included programs at headquarters and manufacturing sites in the US, Canada and Shanghai, China. Faith also conducted and supervised sensitive and privileged investigations on behalf of in-house attorneys and Compliance Counsel. She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and a Juris Doctorate from Marquette University Law School.