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Do you think about data breaches or active shooters, workplace violence or #MeToo claims and ask yourself “could that happen here?”  Do your policies, process and employee behaviors truly support a culture of prevention? How safe do your employees feel at work? How you hire, screen and manage even the smallest of workplace issues can help answer those questions for employers…and those answers offer valuable insight into potential risks.  So before you simply add more physical security measures, isn’t it time to change the conversation?

Our approach stems from an understanding that people are the number one cause of business risk…so how you manage your people is often the key to effective risk mitigation. We help you understand and prioritize human risks.  We show you how to develop sustainable strategies to address small problems before they evolve into large-scale negative events.  From Human Resources to security and compliance, we help you create and enhance preventive culture across your workplace.  Ask us about an objective  review of your people-related policy and process, or our behind-the-scenes coaching & consulting programs for HR and cross-functional teams. We help you “know what you don’t know” about hiring, terminations and everything in between.  A culture of prevention starts here! Contact us for a confidential consultation.


Every business comes with risk. How does yours measure up?  From policy and process integration to workplace culture and physical security, I offer expert consulting to enhance compliance and mitigate risk.  Specializing in the gap between policy and behavior, I bring you practical solutions to improve process, heighten efficiency and effectively resolve risk-related business concerns.


Unresolved business is a risk to your business, as the #MeToo movement has shown.  When allegations occur, using a skilled third-party investigator can increase employee confidence in the resolution process and offer efficient fact-finding and reporting.  A licensed attorney with background that includes law enforcement and corporate investigations, I bring objective, thorough and confidential results to help guide sound business decisions.

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What people are saying…

Faith Kohler is an intelligent, creative, and caring person, who is truly passionate about protecting employees from workplace violence. She developed innovative workplace violence prevention programs that were very effective, and served as models for other offices throughout the country.

-former colleague & manager, federal law enforcement

Activist, writer, attorney, instructor, director, designer, consultant, and problem solver, are just a few titles to describe Faith Kohler. Whether she’s interviewing a high-level executive or a low-level criminal, whether she’s presenting in a court room or in a classroom, or whether she’s writing an article or directing a documentary, Faith captures your full attention, gathers pertinent details and delivers favorable results and solutions. She is highly skilled, captivating, and a true innovator.

former colleague and trainee