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Faith Kohler, JD

Faith Kohler, JD

Faith Kohler, JD

A graduate of Wellesley College and Marquette University Law School, Faith is a licensed attorney and former federal agent with experience in the Fortune 500 business world. Her investigative skills support a wide range of legal, compliance and security-related matters. With a background in criminal and corporate investigations as well as program development in personal safety, security and business risk, Faith offers realistic solution architecture.  Her innovative methodology integrates behavior, policy and mitigation strategy designed to minimize risk and optimize outcomes.  An engaging public speaker, interactive trainer and compassionate coach, she brings real-world experience and relevant topics to help keep people and businesses safe.



How safe is your business?  How integrated are your policy and practices?  As you measure or re-evaluate risks, both to your business and your employees, having an outside perspective can help.  Faith looks objectively at your resources, from policy and practice to physical security.  She offers sound, practical solutions to improve process, heighten efficiency and more effectively resolve business concerns.


Unresolved business is a risk to your business, as the #MeToo movement has shown.  When allegations occur, using a skilled third-party investigator can increase employee confidence in the resolution process and offer efficiency with fact-finding and reporting.  A licensed attorney with background that includes law enforcement and corporate investigations, Faith brings objective, thorough and confidential results to help guide sound business decisions.


We play like we practice…so how well do you practice? Interactive, engaging training can help shape perspective in positive ways. Faith’s training is tailored to your objectives, with topics that include identity theft and fraud prevention, personal safety, online behavior and investigative techniques for business managers, among others.  Designed with busy people in mind, her training teaches risk-based approaches that help improve outcomes.

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What people are saying…

Faith Kohler is an intelligent, creative, and caring person, who is truly passionate about protecting employees from workplace violence. She developed innovative workplace violence prevention programs that were very effective, and served as models for other offices throughout the country.

-former colleague & manager, federal law enforcement

Activist, writer, attorney, instructor, director, designer, consultant, and problem solver, are just a few titles to describe Faith Kohler. Whether she’s interviewing a high-level executive or a low-level criminal, whether she’s presenting in a court room or in a classroom, or whether she’s writing an article or directing a documentary, Faith captures your full attention, gathers pertinent details and delivers favorable results and solutions. She is highly skilled, captivating, and a true innovator.

former colleague and trainee